Intel recently repositioned themselves from ‘High Quality Technology Products’ to a ‘Leader in Technology Breakthroughs’. I imagined it meant the end of the old ‘Intel Inside’ tag line. And then Barcelona FC announce it’s partnering with Intel and displaying the ‘Intel Inside’ – inside the shirt!

BarcaintelLogo-Reveal_thumb[1]A sponsor’s name inside a shirt – now that’s a new approach! But when you add the old tag line and suddenly the lines become blurred – is the major strategic shift blurring and ultimately falling apart as they drift back towards the old ‘Intel Inside’ approach?

No, not so. Intel’s (ground-breaking) technology is designed to “elevate FC Barcelona into one of the most technologically advanced soccer clubs in the world and to launch an ambitious slate of educational initiatives” says Deborah Conrad, Intel CMO, who went on to say “This is more than a sponsorship to Intel”.


Intel Literally Inside FC Barcelona

As highlighted by Karl’s Football Lounge, the initiatives unveiled yesterday include:

· Providing the latest Intel-based technology to the students at the famous La Masia academy to enable and foster a culture of creativity.

· Supplying FC Barcelona players and coaches with the latest Intel-based 2 in 1 devices, while working with the club to improve its research, training and performance via the most up-to-date technology.

· Working to improve the fan experience through new technology at Camp Nou.

· Delivering the latest technology to the education network FC Barcelona has built across the globe. [Source:]


Look Inside FC Barcelona

Intel’s new strategy repositions themselves from ‘High Quality Technology Products’ to a ‘Leader in Technology Breakthroughs’ targeting Generation Y by associating Intel with innovation in music, art & lifestyle’. I guess this ‘sponsorship’ is broad enough to consider Barca as lifestyle.

Barca Camp_Nou_2_.v1321348642_thumb[3]

Remember Barca is the club that pays a charity for sponsoring its shirts forfeits potential shirt sponsorship revenues and pays UNESCO children’s charity £2m pa to wear its brand on the back of the Barca shirts. Barca is also a club owned and run by its members who vote in their club’s president.