If Customer Retention Is 600% More Profitable (than acquiring new customers) – why not shock your customers like these organisations do? How much are you willing to spend each year to keep a customer (for life)? Calculate it and then spend it on them. Here’s a few ‘wow’ examples.

Ulster Rugby wanted to say thank you to their fans (season ticket holders), so they surprised a selection of them by sending three of their star players out in a van to deliver the tickets personally.

In another refreshing example, TD Bank in Canada turned ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines ™ to create some very special moments for customers across the country. A simple thank you can change someone’s day. #TDThanksYou
Add a gift to it and people get very happy. Add a relevant gift and people get ecstatic. Would you like to see TD’s Automated Thanking Machine™ in action?

In another initiative, West Jet flyers were given gifts as they got off the plane (it was Christmas time).

Have you got any examples of wowing customers? Please post a comment at the end , ideally with a link if you have one and I’ll add it to this collection (and credit you for alerting me). It’s nice to be nice. It also makes business sense, to organise your CRM and all data sources to become more relevant in your customers’ lives and ‘wow’ them occasionally (it also makes great social media content)!

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