The Enormous Impact of Age & Gender Detection

Marketers must not ignore the enormous impact delivered by the new Age & Gender detection tools.  Yes it’s back to basics ie demographics. Knowing ‘Who?’ is your customer is one of 3 critical questions alongside ‘Why’ (they buy/visit/bounce) & also ‘How’ (they buy).  All marketers answer these questions. Good news: It’s getting easier to identify your customer demographics which, in turn allows some marketers to create competitive advantage by getting closer to their customers and helping them with more and more relevant information.

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Here’s  some tools that help detect age and gender of your audiences:

  • Facial recognition software*: uses rules similar to those rules we use when identifying if someone is male or female and whether they are old or young
  • Microsoft:  App   How Old Do I Look
  • Google Analytics: Free customer analytics
  • Facebook insights: Free customer insights
  • DOTS Name Validation 2 determines gender from your name
  • Commercial Analytics like Japan’s NEC (deliver age, gender, behaviour & more for $900 p.m.)

* Facial Recognition Software will improve. However, it currently has some flaws. I used ‘How Old Do I Look?’ called and inserted the photo on the left below. I promise you I am not 64 (thanks ‘How Old’ robot)!

PRS Islam TV How Old Am I app

What can we do with these new demographic analytics?

  • see who’s buying your product
  • see who’s visiting but not buying
  • create tailored pages for different genders/ages (This is part of my magic marketing formula: IRD)
  • create tailored email for  different genders/ages (IRD ditto)
  • other suggestions are welcome (please post a comment/suggestion – below)

The Magic Marketing Formula (IRD)

Many years ago it dawned upon me that there is a simple, yet powerful magic marketing formula. I call it IRD: Identify needs, Reflect them & then Deliver a reasonable product or service. We can apply it here by identifying ‘Who’ and then helping them with much more relevant content/messages/products/services. See how IRD works in:  Shock TV Ad Uses Magic Formula & Goes Viral .

Use Demographics & Be At The Forefront Of Digital Marketing

As Alexis Ternoy says in his excellent post* ‘Someday, using demographic data in your marketing strategy will be non-negotiable, just as having an online presence has become today. Start collecting it, tweak your analytics software to make use of it, and you’ll be putting yourself at the forefront of online marketing.’  Temoy, A. (2015) The Marketer’s Latest Tool: Age And Gender Detection, Digital Doughnut 30 July.


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