Staff Advocate Eats Dinner Off Subway Station Floor

Now that is commitment. That is motivation. When a member of staff believes that the floor cleaner they sell is so good that he cleans a subway floor, then pours his dinner on it, opens his serviette, tucks it into his collar and proceeds to eat his dinner off the floor, so that he can make a video that demonstrates the power of his company’s product.  Do not try this at home!

Eat Dinner Off FloorThis employee is sufficiently motivated that he made his own ‘Shockvertising’ video for his company.  Will this shockvertising staff-made ad start a surge of employee product demonstration ads?

Staff need to be integrated

What does this mean? Well every customer facing member of staff is a brand ambassador. They have to feel part of it. They have to integrate with the brand values (sometimes they are selected in accordance with the brand values). This requires internal marketing (investing in internal communications, motivation and training). If you get this right, staff can become your most potent comms tool.

Now, have a look at this member of staff who made his own youtube product demonstration video – eating his dinner off the subway floor (after he cleaned it with his hard floor cleaner that both vacuums and steams).

Staff advocacy. This is staff advocacy. How many companies’ staff use their own company’s products and services? How many are passionate about their products and services & become real advocates?

Integrate staff and promotion/comms

Integrating inbound and outbound with online and offline communications delivers higher impact and more cost-effective ‘joined-up marketing’. Any staff wanting to produce promotional materials (like a video) obviously need to check with the Marketing Communications team to ensure it fits (integrates) with all other comms.

Integrate the marketing mix

As promotions (like this ad) become part of the brand experience, they become part of the product. Similarly, Location-based advertising is promotion, but it is also place (as it extends the distribution/places where you can buy) and so it becomes part of the brand experience. You can see how the marketing mix is morphing into a brand experience. You can see how people, physical evidence, process and price have to be integrated carefully to ensure a consistent CX (customer experience).

Integrate customer data

Since customers are touched by many contact points or ‘touch points’ such as social media, Point Of Sale, ads, email etc. Customers need a consistent (integrated) message. Equally companies are collecting information from many different customer touch points (web site registration, web site body language, customer service, social media and much more). It’s a gold mine if they collect this safely and store it safely in a data warehouse and then use it all to build better profiles of customers. Customer data needs to be integrated. This a major challenge for many organisations.

Unintegrated databases cause many problems and complications, as there is no single picture of the customer and therefore customers have many different types of experiences and messages form the brand. This confuses customers and dilutes the brand’s presence in the marketplace.

Staff Advocates Are Powerful

It is a nice endorsement – staff that use the company’s products and services. After all they are at the coal face, the place where customers meet the real live breathing brand. One sloppy comment, facial reaction, posture or even dirty nail can kill a sale (or stop repeat sales). On the other hand staff that are proud of their products is often the ultimate endorsement. Are your staff passionate about your products and services?

How can you get them onside? Internal marketing – training , motivation and communication.


Reproduced from Chapter 1, Marketing Communications 6th ed. (2016) by PR Smith & Ze Zook, published by Kogan Page.

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