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Boosting results with better marketing, whether automated marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, contact strategy, marketing strategy or a full blown plan, it‘s got to be driven by customer insights and analytics. Find out more…


Having some fun, in a carefully structured, tailored, programme helps to embed knowledge and skills – backed up with a tailored workbook and a suite of extra online tutorials. Some clients also like mentoring and coaching on 1-2-1 basis. Find out more…

SOSTAC® Planning

It is so simple it can be learned in 4 minutes. It was voted in the Top 3 Business Models Worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary Poll among its members. I was chuffed. I use it in all of my books and training sessions. Find out more…

Public Speaking

Whether conferences, breakfast briefings, lunchtime learning, or after dinner speaking, my audiences feel inspired – both business and marketing talks and also my very different, inspirational stories from my Great Sportsmanship Programme. Find out more…

What Clients Say

Paul Smith is an extraordinary guy. His crystal clear marketing guidance helped us to develop a real customer orientated business which grew from zero to €2b market capitalisation in 8 years.

Dr. Eddie O’Conner

ex-Founder and CEO , Airtricity PLC

Paul Smith is inspirational – he brings the whole team with him and raises their game very very quickly somehow by making marketing easy and actionable

John Stasi

Marketing Manager, London Regional Team, UK Trade & Investment

Marketing Insights (from my blog)

How To Integrate & Leverage Great Graphics For Max Impact

How To Leverage A Graphic Image To Get Maximum Impact - The Sky Pool  This stunning computer generated image from the Ballymore Group was leveraged/used across multiple channels: News Release distributed to luxury, trade (construction, property, architecture, design),...

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IoT (The Internet Of Things) Is Here

    What is IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) connects chips, sensors, software, networks and data to products and services in a myriad of new and exciting ways that will boost customer experiences, change the nature of your business and disrupt competition in a...

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How Obama Won Two U.S. Presidential Elections

Recruit The Best People When president Obama invited Teddy Goff to be his Digital Director, Obama took a big step towards becoming America's next president.  Goff is the best in the business. Have a Great Product Equally, Goff only backed this horse, since he knew he...

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Persuasion & Motivation: Cialdini's 6 Rules Of Persuasion

Robert Cialdini's, Influence - the psychology of persuasion is one of the all time classic books on marketing psychology. Although originally written in the 1980s, digital marketing gurus refer to it today as a digital marketing mantra. It really is an amazing book....

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Beware: Customers See Your Competitive Advantage Differently

You simply have to see the world through your customers eyes. Customer empathy is a great skill. Not just for tactical marketers but for CEOs searching restlessly for competitive advantage.  Urbany & Davis (2007) Competitive Advantage ‘The 3 Circle Model’ is simply...

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New Analytic Tools: Age & Gender Detection

The Enormous Impact of Age & Gender Detection Marketers must not ignore the enormous impact delivered by the new Age & Gender detection tools.  Yes it’s back to basics ie demographics. Knowing ‘Who?’ is your customer is one of 3 critical questions alongside ‘Why’...

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