60 Second Summary 26 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

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Fake News in a Post-Truth Society

Facebook’s Meta now claim they are reducing COVID-19 misinformation – ‘how to spot false news’! After how many years….?

Misinformation, Fake News & Deep Fake are so rampant now that it’s hard to know what is accurate anymore.  Full Fact are going to start checking FB content https://fullfact.org/   Other Fact Checkers like https://www.factcheck.org  are worth exploring too.

Real, Fake or Deep Fake?  Eric Cantona sends Manchester United fans into meltdown with Instagram update amid manager search – Manchester Evening News  If anyone knows please post a comment below.

See my Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advans & Disadvans post for more.

COP 26 Positive & Negative Results

Government warnings and advice are weakened and damaged by fake news, misinformation and a lack of influencer marketing campaigns.

Two positive sites for marketers to take action:

CanMarketingSavehePlanet.com – Gemma Butler

Climax.Community Climate Essentials – YouTube 3 min video Self Assess Your Own Sustainability


COVID19 Confusion

Where are the influencer campaigns to ram home key messages that many target groups never get a chance to hear nor a reason to believe?


Influencer Marketing Campaigns – where are you when we need you for the:

  • Climate Crisis
  • Covid Crisis

Where are the influencer marketing campaigns supporting the credibility of these two crises and the CRITICAL KEY MESSAGES? Misinformation by micro-influencers seems to have sown the seeds of doubt re Covid and Climate.


Brands Use ‘Influencer Marketing Campaigns’  – including some New Creator Marketplaces

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace invites creators to post and categorise their videos so that marketing teams can select content and influencers with similar values and/or topics.

Newton Baby used the TCM to find creators with a sense of humour about being new parents and young children in the household. They created videos of one parent pranking the other, ultimately focusing on Newton Baby’s crib mattress being fully machine-washable. It’s a terrific example of using the TCM to find creators whose audience and content is a match for the target market with results being TikToks, not ads.   Thanks to Reggie Johnson (a SOSTAC® Certified Planner)



‘How does the flow of ideation, discussions, (internal politics,) presentations, budgeting, approvals go before starting the SOSTAC for a campaign?

I am interested in Who, What, When. The Why would be bonus knowledge for me.’  Adrian Amariei  – many thanks for the excellent questions.

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60 Second Summary 19 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 second Summary of 30 Min SOSTAC(r) Club - Clubhouse Chat


“This agreement is an utter betrayal of the people.” “It’s immoral for the rich to sit there talking about their future children and grandchildren, when the children of the south are suffering now.”
The people are rising up across the globe to hold our governments and corporations to account – and make them act.”Alan Evans (2021) ‘Utter betrayal’: civil society groups furious at Cop26 outcome – live updates (msn.com) 14 Nov, Guardian.



so that customers want the lower carbon versions. Trillions of dollars have been spent on reinventing the supply side, improving production processes. Now the demand side has to catch up. Grace Kite & Jonathan Wise  (2021) 9 Nov  Marketers are in pole position to shape consumer demand for sustainability, Marketing Week.


Self Assess Your Own Sustainability

www.Climax.community (thanks Dr John Bustard) I have yet to try this. Hopefully people report back next week’s 30 min chat.



Partners — #sustainablemarketing (canmarketingsavetheplanet.com) (thanks Kelvin Golding & David McDonald)


Imogen Watson (2021)To boycott or not to boycott: how agencies should work with high-carbon clients, Campaign 2 Nov


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60 Second Summary 12 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

Thanks to everyone for joining us for our 30 minute Friday chat (every week)and also thanks to our contributors including Kelvin Goldstein.

60 Second Summary of 30 min chat

Post-Truth Society

Oxford English Dictionary   Word of the Year  (2016)…… President Trump, according to a database set up by the Washington Post and reported by Nina Schick (2020) in her book, (Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse, Nina Schick p93) had made over 18,000 false and misleading claims in the three years up to 2020.  For a more detailed analysis of Trump’s actual campaign and why it succeeded my post How Trump Won should help. More on Deep Fake next week.

Coca Cola did lose approx lost $4b of their share price the same day Ronaldo publicly snubbed Coca Cola BUT it happened an hour before the snub!! A Post-Truth World: Why Ronaldo Did Not Move Coca-Cola Share Price Forbes Jun 19, 2021. We were duped a few weeks ago!!! Thanks to Devon Toner for pointing this out and sharing the link.

COP26 Pantomime?

Thanks to Peter Hurst for sharing your passion and this link about how politics and economics can en-debt whole countries (read all about it).

Former Irish president Mary Robinson (also subsequently served for five years  as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)  names and shames countries (video clip)   – thanks to Dr. John Bustard for sharing.

Can change occur from the ground floor (rather than waiting for governments to agree)? I wonder if ‘carbon footprint’ ratings or footprint ratings will be applied to FMCG and eventually B2B products and services?

Would it be a criteria for buyers? Is this an opportunity for brands to carve out a competitive advantage by being first movers to 100% clean products and services? Can the stock market do likewise and encourage investors to steer clear of companies that are ‘green timebombs’?

Ultimately, I guess this only works if buyers (us) care too?

Stakeholder Capitalism and Stakeholder Marketing 

Stakeholder Capitalism is here (acknowledged by the FT). Stakeholder marketing should follow.

Creator Marketplaces – Reggie – will raise this next week.

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60 Second Summary 5 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary of 30 min clubhouse chat

Sky Ambush BBC

(and use some sonic branding) – SKy promoted the new TV Series, ‘Succession’ musicians playing the theme tune (another form of sonic branding) outside the entrance to BBC London HQ. As journalists enter the building they cannot ignore the story!

AI Forces Customers to Smile 

to gain access to the supermarket in Denmark, customers must smile. AI facial recognition recognises a smile and triggers the door to open. After a while, everyone is smiling. What a great start to your next shopping experience.  See this video in my recent Linkeidn Posts (4) PR Smith | LinkedIn

TikTok Creator Market-PLace

Content creators opportunity: Go to TikTok Creator Portalhttps://www.tiktok.com/creators/creator-portal/ Watch out for Emily Zugay.

Fake News / Synthetic Media

More next week from Nina Schick’s Deep Fakes and the Info Calypse – what you need to know urgently. Meanwhile see my blog post:  Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advans & Disadvans


Chris McCann’s Music Paths    

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60 Second Summary: 15 Oct 2021 Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

House with 60 Second Summary badge

5 Oct 2021

Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advantages & Disadvantages 

Watch this video and then read around it (click here).  Then think about it. Discuss it with a friend or colleague/s. Post a comment at the end. Continue the conversation.

Deep Fake Videos being made

SOSTAC® Q&A:  Any Tools To Help Competitor Analysis re CX (Customer Experience)? 

  • Analogue framework: 40 cards – find what differentiates a specific product/service/brand/person from competition marketingdistinguo.com . Dr. John Bustard
  • Strategic groupings, perceptual maps (based upon careful analysis of what are the relevant axes) plus tactical strengths and weaknesses. Neil Kelley
  • Ratings & Reviews; Google: Brand ‘XYZ’ Similar; Compare Websites: SimilarWeb.com & Compete.com; Competitor’s Best Content: Buzzsumo.com Competitor’s History- wayback.archive.org. PR Smith
  • How to do a UX Competitor Analysis: Step By Step 

The idea of Michael’s cookie zero/zero cookies is a source of significant differentiation/innovation and distinction (Marketing Distinguo).


Chris McCann’s Music Paths      On The Rocks by Christopher McCann

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60 Second Summary:  8 Oct 2021 Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary from the SOSTAC(r) Plans Club


CX Removing points of friction to create effortless experiences (Reuters) How do we create experiences that keep the customer coming back for more?
How to nurture customer loyalty? Through providing effortless experiences + Added Value. Reuters report that The rush to participate in digital transformation has often left a lot to be desired. Today, consumers are quicker than ever to leave a brand after just a single bad experience.  So how do we move beyond loyalty programs and create customer life-time value?


  1. Listening to customer demands & feedback
  2. Implementing an effective feedback loop that
  3. Drives refinement of the customer journey,
  4. To optimizing digital experiences – often a point of friction for the modern customer.
  5. Removing points of friction to create effortless experiences–meet consumer demands for convenient experiences
  6. Demand for digital experiences has sky-rocketed, with more consumers utilizing digital channels out of convenience & necessity  – seamless experiences.

Don’t forget AMAZON’s – SHOP & SHIP v  SHOP  & SHIP is an example of an Effortless Experience.

AS FB CRASHED on Mon, Joe Pulici reminded us:

Do not build your content house on rented land.

BTW Where did Facebook inform people about its network problems if it couldn’t post on its own site? It went where millions of others did during the great Facebook outage of 2021: Twitter.

Twitter took the opportunity then to cheekily send this tweet: HELLO LITERALLY EVERYONE!


Children are being put at risk by leading apps, research finds 5 rights charity TikTok, Twitter, Snap and Instagram, are putting children in danger online and breaching the UK’s new Children’s Code. The children’s digital rights charity, which is chaired by Baroness Beeban Kidron, the member of the House of Lords who proposed the code, submitted its research to the Information Commissioner’s Office today  The FA, kids’ online safety, Yorkshire Building Society: Everything that matters this morning (marketingweek.com)

Opportunities Snap Chat, TikTok – CREATOR MARKETPLACES, 

For Creators —
Creator Hub: 
For Businesses —
For Business :
Business Help Center: 
For Businesses —
Business Homepage:
Small Business Resource Center
For inspiration and ideas —
Creative Center:
For Creators —
TikTok Creator Portal:


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60 Second Summary:  1 Oct 2021 clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary

[ ] Mike Berry  Digital Marketing Fundamentals

– from strategy to ROI , 2nd ed. by Marjolein, Berend Sikkenga and Mike Berry.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Click to  Get the book   

Mike summarised some key points from the book in 10 mins

  1. Digital Branding – build and sustain your brand through digital channels – this is all about awareness and saliency (like TV, print and billboards) and should be measured like ATL has always been
  2. Customer acquisition through owned and earned channels – OK you’re not paying for media but marketers should create a ‘budget for resources’ (internal or external)
  3. Customer acquisition through paid channels – seek a win-win (eg. with Google or Facebook). Like the casino owner, they want you to make money (sometimes) and come back for more
  4. CRM – Think CLV – many brand owners are wasting resources servicing low-value customers – instead focus ruthlessly on the best (secondary priority: high potentialcustomers).


[ ] Marketing Observations – Reggie Johnson – Tiktok – creator marketplace

check out these websites Click:   Creator Marketplace       &          TikTok.com/business

[ ] China Promoting Home-Grown Goods – Peter Hurst 

China, in Paul’s opinion, is leading the world of AI and now become very good at branding and marketing too. Should Europe, USA and others do the same (promote home grown) or would this have a terrible impact on world trade (v environmental issues)?

[ ] FB  again – Matt Bailey  on Linkedin 

Matt Bailey’s post says: The company whose own research showed that they were harmful to kids and teens decides to “pause” and “listen” to parents before launching IG for Kids?

Rather than make FB or IG better, #Facebook decided that a PR campaign was in order, and will now feature stories in the newsfeed about how good they are. Seriously.

Yet this toxic company continues to be funded by billions of dollars of advertising revenue. But we have to get those impressions, don’t we? If you don’t like what Facebook is doing, then re-evaluate your ad spend.

Paul: Is this a bit hard on FB or is it worth discussing more?

[ ] QUIZ

Bat & Ball cost £1.10 . The bat costs £1 more than the ball. How much was the ball?

[ ] MUSIC from Chris McCann’s Music Paths 

‘On The Rocks’ by Christopher McCann .  Click here for more information


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60 Second Summary 24 Sep 2021 clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

Here, in 60 seconds, you can skim what we covered in today’s 30 minute #SOSTAC ® Plans club (in the clubhouse app) including any links to content that we mentioned. Many thanks to Kelvin Golding and Peter Hurst for moderating with me.

MUSIC Poppy Sound & Piano GENTLE    Flimsy Grass  by KOOSKOOS by M Paths  HEY HEY AH! by KOOSKOOS   Keyboard pop

TikTok Creative Markets This is the awesomely creative TikTok ad for the film Dolittle by video magic TikTok influencer Zach King (35 million followers). The TikTok video got 3 million likes and 7,600 comments: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRpavKHt/ 

Zambian President Brings Economic Hope –  Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia, addresses the general debate of the 76th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 21-27September 2021) 🇿🇲 Zambia – President Addresses United Nations General Debate, 76th Session (English) | #UNGA – YouTube


Evergrande, one of China’s largest property companies with debts of about $300bn, warned that it may default on its debt. A default may severely test the Chinese financial system absent government intervention (Leyman Brothers)

The chip famine has led to a global shortage of cars. Toyota, the world’s largest producer, has scaled back global production by 40% due to chip shortages.


And finally… a survey by staffing firm ManpowerGroup found that employers are having such a difficult time filling roles that in addition to increased pay and benefits, some 9% of employers worldwide are eliminating drug screenings or tests in a bid to fill vacancies – high employment

Ian Stewart, Chief Economist, Deloitte LLP  & Reuters Timeline: China Evergrande’s snowballing debt crisis

Broadway Towers (castle)

Broadway Towers



17 Sep 2021 60 Second Summary 

Stakeholder Capitalism/Stakeholder Marketing 

Triple Bottom Line: People Planet Profit (John Elkington 1993)

Amazon Minimalist UK Tax Payments as listed in #AgeOfHuman Linkedin Group

Achieving Sustainable Business with Philip Kotler

Stakeholder Capitalism - the evolutionary steps

Influencer Marketing 

Deciphering #ad: What should influencer marketing best practice be in 2021 

Influencer marketing under the spotlight thanks to new ISBA Code of Influencer Conduct

Creator Markets

Now appearing in the tech sector ecosystems (where app developers offer their apps to the rest of the tech sector), arts: videos (Marketers can find Tiktok creators and their ‘clips’)  and arts: painting/graphics/video/animation  in the crazy world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – see my post NFTs for Dummies like Me.

Boots launches marketing agency to supercharge brand partners’ campaigns


Luis Tamani Peruvian smoker smoking pipe

Luis Tamani’s La Medicina Vive en Mí / Medicine Lives in Me – is a moving piece of art as the animation can play in a smart frame hanging on the wall –see my post     


TOPPP SEED  Target Markets + Objectives + Positioning + Partnerships + Processes + Sequence/Stages + Engagement + Experience (CX) + Data – all explained in the #SOSTAC ® Guide to your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan 2021 book.

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