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SOSTAC® Plan – how to write the perfect plan

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How to write the perfect plan – using SOSTAC®

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SOSTAC® Certified Planners

I am very pleased to say that you can now become a SOSTAC ® Certified Planner via the online SOSTAC ® Planning portal

If you have less than 5 years business experience, you can still become a SOSTAC® Associate and  get a SOSTAC® manual + SOSTAC® success stories + blog posts + online open-book test (60 mins). Once you are an associate you can apply to become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner.

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SOSTAC® Certified Planners approved by the CPD Standards Office UK (prerequisites: SOSTAC® Associate or 5 years experience in business. Registrants get the above plus examples of SOSTAC® Mini Case Studies + online open-book test (90 mins)

SOSTAC® Certified Company – completes the audit & has staff taking the SOSTAC® Certified Planner

SOSTAC® Global Member – a limited number of senior managers are invited to tell their SOSTAC® Success Story and become honourary Globa Members.

SOSTAC® affiliates for those who can generate a minimum of 50 registrations pa

SOSTAC® Trainer – initially for a limited number of trainers in EU, USA & Australia.


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Laurette Batstone SOSTAC® Certified Planner 2016

The programme is now up and running with successful candidates downloading the manuals, digesting them, taking the online open book test and receiving an instant tailored SOSTAC ® Certified Planner.

Companies and individuals are upgrading their team’s skill sets and ensuring a unified planning framework using SOSTAC ® .

Equipped with SOSTAC ® Certified Planners helps organisations to

1. Be consistent – use a consistent structure for all plans.

2. Use a simple logical plan that everyone understands

3. Easily aggregate plans from different products, departments, countries and regions .

All of these help to boost an oranisation’s performances. See the SOSTAC ® Planning portal.



Go to to register and join the next cohort of professional planners.


Add the official SOSTAC ®  Certified Planner logo to your web site, linkedin page and other collateral.




SOSTAC ® Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

At last, here it is! It’s taken a while longer than planned. After continued requests for a digital marketing version of the original SOSTAC® Guide To Writing The Perfect Plan, I am pleased to say that the new SOSTAC® Hybrid eBook is finally finished and available from Amazon (with a free kindle reader – so you can read it on just about any device). The SOSTAC® Paper Back printed version is also available from Amazon’s new (print on demand).  Limited edition co-branded print runs are also available. So here it is, the digital marketing version packed with links to, tools, checklists, videos and much more. We have just updated & revised the book (V2.0). Apologies for any typos that crept into the initial version –  despite employing a proofreader!

SOSTAC Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

The new SOSTAC ® Guide for Digital Marketers     Buy Now 



It took me almost 10 years to create the SOSTAC® Planning System yet within just a few minutes people fully understand it. After that they refine their planning skills as they draft their SOSTAC® plans.

That’s why the Chartered Institute of Marketing centenary poll voted SOSTAC®  in the Top 3 Business Models worldwide. Whether a blue chip, like IBM, or a smaller business, professionals who discover SOSTAC® embrace it for life.



 SOSTAC® Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

Due to Hybrid nature of this ebook,  it  contains links to additional tutorial, videos, articles and discussions.

Designed to be scanned in 30 minutes and digested in 3 hours, it’s an easy read with cutting edge tools explained in a carefully structured way.

Having an in-depth Situation Analysis is the foundation for a great plan.  In fact, half of your plan should be devoted to the Situation Analysis. A lot of this analysis can be put into the appendices at the end if you prefer. Either way you have to analyse your customers, competitors, intermediaries, trends and your internal strengths and weaknesses. So here’s a slide show (54 slides) exploring the Situation Analysis within the SOSTAC ® plan.



What Do Others Say About SOSTAC®?

World gurus and top marketing directors acknowledge SOSTAC® as a very effective planning system – which you’ll very quickly be able to use again and again whether for business plans, marketing plans or even your own personal life plans. Global organizations like it as it provides a consistent template for all plans and can be rolled out, within hours, around the world.

“SOSTAC® is a system for going through the steps and building a marketing plan.” Professor Philip Kotler
“SOSTAC® is a great approach for anyone going ahead and building a marketing plan.” Sam Howe, Director, Southwestern Bell
“We use SOSTAC® within our own marketing planning.” John Leftwich, European Marketing Director, Microsoft
“I think SOSTAC® is very good in terms of identifying, if you like, major component parts of what you’re doing in marketing.” Peter Liney, Marketing Manager, BA

See other SOSTAC® eBook reviews  on Amazon. Please add your own, if you have a minute.

See What Clients Say About Using SOSTAC®

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Buy the SOSTAC® Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan.


Take a SOSTAC® Workshop or Webinar

Private or  open workshops – see what clients say about my workshops. They are interactive, entertaining, challenging, informative yet structured very carefully so that attendees leave with a deep understanding and clear set of actions. Get a taster with this 30 minute webinar. Contact me to discuss a workshop, webinar or general conference talk.


Become a Registered SOSTAC® Trainer/Consultant

Become an expert SOSTAC® planner in a variety of situations from mainstream marketing plans to marketing communications plans to Digital Marketing plans, or even broader business plans.  SOSTAC®  package includes summary digital tools, workbook,  visuals, power point slide decks, video list and a license to use SOSTAC® and promote your business as SOSTAC® Registered Trainer &/or SOSTAC® Registered Consultant.  Contact me for more information.


Enjoy a Co-Branded SOSTAC® Gift or Event

All of these eBooks, workshops, workbooks and webinars  can be co-branded with your company’s name. Co-branded SOSTAC® planning programmes provide a truly unique corporate gift/incentive that clients and partners really, really, appreciate and remember for ever. Contact me for more information.


Don’t forget there’s also the original SOSTAC®  eBookThe SOSTAC® Guide to Writing The Perfect Marketing Plan  book-cover-sostac

Remember there is a free kindle app (see right hand of amazon page) which means you can read SOSTAC ® on any device including lap top, tablet or mobile. SOSTAC® is also used in all of my marketing books.




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PR Smith's SOSTAC® Planning System


SOSTAC® Planning System

Get the SOSTAC® Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

See What Clients Say About Using SOSTAC®

See other SOSTAC® eBook reviews  on Amazon. Please add your own, if you have a minute.

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