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What Clients Say About Using SOSTAC®

In Top 3 Business Models

“Since then (2000) I’ve used it”

“The best structure for a marketing plan”

“All marketing people should use – excellent toolkit!

“Applied his well guided SOSTAC ® principles – when relaunching bewleys.com”

“Inspirational inventor of SOSTAC® which I now use in my consulting engagements”

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Top 3 Business Models

SOSTAC® was voted in the world’s Top 3 Business Models, of all time, in the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary Poll


“Since then (2000) I’ve used it”

Paul Smith introduced me to SOSTAC® back in 2000 when we were working on the first edition of our Emarketing Excellence book. Since then I’ve used it when creating many marketing plans and in different books. Usually the model isn’t explained in detail in other books, so it’s good to have a guide explaining how to apply it. This was a bigger guide than I expected, covering a lot of the classic marketing planning models. I’d like to see more on targeting and positioning within the strategy section which introduces the handy STOP and SIT framework. Finally, there are links to various gurus speaking via YouTube explaining their recommendations. Recommended. Dave Chaffey, author and CEO Smart Insights


“The best structure for a marketing plan”

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® is simply the best structure for a marketing plan (or any plan). It is built on a very simple logical structure that is so easy to adopt. It can be learned in minutes and perfected over time. Hugo Rubio, IBM Client Executive (Spain)


“All marketing people should use – excellent toolkit!

Paul Smith is also the inventor of SOSTAC® Planning Systems which all great marketing people should use. I would recommend Paul and his excellent marketing toolkit Ann Marie Hanlon, DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT (CMO, Digital Media Strategist, Trainer & Author)


“I applied his well guided SOSTAC ® principles – when relaunching bewleys.com.”

I would highly recommend Paul. I spent three very productive days on his eMarketing workshop. It provided me with the confidence to embrace the practice of digital marketing rather than outsourcing it to agencies. I also applied his well guided SOSTAC ® principles around website development when relaunching bewleys.com.  Noel-John McLoughlin  MD Bewleys, Ireland


“Inspirational marketer: inventor of SOSTAC® which I now use in my consulting engagements”

I have known Paul for many years, as my Tutor, advisor and author.  He is an inspirational marketer (inventor of SOSTAC®) which I now teach my students and use a great deal as a tool in my consulting engagements. Checkout the latest edition of his book ‘Marketing Communications’ which properly addresses the integration of all media – not just the current over-hyped Social Media.
He is now branching out into new areas of Leadership Coaching and Sports Marketing. Highly recommended in everything he does.Peter Rees, Strategic marketer with over 38 years of international


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