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Boosting results with better marketing, whether automated marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, contact strategy, marketing strategy or a full blown plan, it‘s got to be driven by customer insights and analytics. Find out more…


Having some fun, in a carefully structured, tailored, programme helps to embed knowledge and skills – backed up with a tailored workbook and a suite of extra online tutorials. Some clients also like mentoring and coaching on 1-2-1 basis. Find out more…

SOSTAC® Planning

It is so simple it can be learned in 4 minutes. It was voted in the Top 3 Business Models Worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary Poll among its members. I was chuffed. I use it in all of my books and training sessions. Find out more…

Public Speaking

Whether conferences, breakfast briefings, lunchtime learning, or after dinner speaking, my audiences feel inspired – both business and marketing talks and also my very different, inspirational stories from my Great Sportsmanship Programme. Find out more…

What Clients Say

Paul Smith is an extraordinary guy. His crystal clear marketing guidance helped us to develop a real customer orientated business which grew from zero to €2b market capitalisation in 8 years.

Dr. Eddie O’Conner

ex-Founder and CEO , Airtricity PLC

Paul Smith is inspirational – he brings the whole team with him and raises their game very very quickly somehow by making marketing easy and actionable

John Stasi

Marketing Manager, London Regional Team, UK Trade & Investment

Marketing Insights (from my blog)

AI Driven TV News Presenter

TV presenters world-wide are looking at each other and thinking either 'that's not very stiff' or 'am I next?'. China’s Xinhua state news agency has just introduced its very own news-bot for presenting on TV.  Called an Ai anchor, it will report 'tirelessly' all day,...

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How Rats Work = How Twitter Works?

Provocative, Angry Twitter Rants = More Attention/Followers? “If bad behavior or provocative and angry and ranting tweets lead to more attention,” says Deb Roy (2018), director of MIT’s Lab for Social Machines who continues, “well, you’ve just incentivized that...

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60 Second Thoughts

I hope you like these 60" Thoughts. Here's our first two. They are designed to inspire you and your team. Pass them on if you like them.     Visit  - if you like this, please pass it on / share it.

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GDPR Tactics Action & Control (Part 3)

At last, here are the checklists - what you got to do to ensure you are GDPR compliant. Part 3 now explores GDPR Tactics (the details of Strategy Part 2) and the Actions (including checklists you can use) and finally, Control - what you need to check to ensure your...

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