Hi, I  help business people to boost their results via:

  • consulting
  • SOSTAC ® Planning
  • training/mentoring and
  • public speaking

I also write books, my own blog, facebook and twitter stream about marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing – in a word (or two ) integrated marketing. All of which can be accessed via this site. My SOSTAC ® Planning framework has been voted in Top 3 Business Models worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. SOSTAC ® is now used around the world as an easy-to-use planning framework.


  • digital marketing strategies to
  • detailed social media content schedules to
  • creative thinking techniques to
  • adding digital value to
  • digital body language,

marketers need a crystal clear structure that can harness and integrate all the new tools emerging right now. I created SOSTAC ® Planning to help clients to structure their marketing and deliver better results.


Boosting Results Is Most Satisfying

It’s as simple as that. I thoroughly enjoy new challenges, whether as a small innovative business, a global renewable energy company or a government body. My client list is diverse and their comments are refreshing.


Post Social Media Revolution

There is no doubt, this is an unprecedented time of change in marketing. After the social media revolution, here comes the automated marketing revolution which means that marketing is finally being systemised and measured in detail.  Marketing needs to get back into the boardroom – the door has now opened, since we can now be measured and quantified.


My Social Media Campaign To Change The World

Our campaign to change the world by inspiring communities to embrace sportsmanship values via true two-minute user-generated stories is creating a new generation of global citizens. My 4 minute Great Sportsmanship Programme video explains all. Please do spread the word or better still become an ambassador.


My Bio

Here’s my full bio.

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via any of these platforms. I am constantly looking for examples of creative marketing that delivers great results. Have you got an example for me which I can publish on the various platforms, and perhaps, in my next book?  Or if you want to chat about some consulting, planning, training/coaching or public speaking, please feel free to call me on 00 44(0) 20 8567 4659 or email me on paul@prsmith.org




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