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Online Courses

Take the SOSTAC® Planning course in Udemy which is listed in the Top 3% of all courses in Udemy.     Marketing Plan - Write The Perfect Plan: SOSTAC framework rating

This popular1-hour course covers all the basics and helps you start to write great plans.

Take the more comprehensive SOSTA® Associate course.

SOSTAC(r) Associate course

Learn how to write a great plan. Build a strong Situation Analysis. Understand Tactics (the marketing mix). This is a 10-15 hour programme. 90 days to complete the course and assessment.  No prerequisites. 1 hour, open-book assessment. Become a SOSTAC ® Associate.  www.SOSTAC.ORG

Take the full SOSTAC® Certified Planner online course.

SOSTAC(r) Certified Planner

Learn how to become a world-class planner. Write great plans. Review and improve other plans with an emphasis on strategy. This is a 10-15 hour programme. 90 days to complete the course and assessment. Pre-requisites: You must have 5 years management experience, or a degree or already be a SOSTAC® Associate. 90 days to complete the course and assessment. 1 hour, open-book, case study.  Become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner.

Webinar (or Workshop)  Strategy & Tactics in a Digital World

using SOSTAC® planning framework

a highly interactive series of 4 x morning webinars (or 2 consecutive days) .

Join us. Max number: 10 Seats.

Join Me at My Next Event 

See the list on the right-hand side. If these dates and venues do not suit you, just give me a call to discuss an alternative talk, seminar, workshop, lunchtime learning, breakfast briefing or evening event.   t: 0044 (0) 20 8567 4659    e:

I enjoy training, coaching and mentoring. Clients tell me they get a lot from it too.

You can see what my ‘clients say about my training, coaching and mentoring’.

PR Smith doing a TEDxTalk in Dublin

TEDX Talk in Dublin

PR Smith engages discussions with the audience about SOSTAC Planning

Generate engaging discussions

International conferences

International conferences

PR Smith talking about SOSTAC (r) to one individual

or more intimate workshops

Evolutionary Matrix

PR Smith speaking in Panels, Seminars, Conferences or Workshops

Panels, Seminars, Conferences or Workshops

PR Smith demonstrating a giant lazer gun

whether Harare or Harringay, we always have some fun

PR Smith talking SOSTAC 'Dynamic, Interactive , Informative & Entertaining' - feedback says

‘Dynamic, Interactive, Informative & Entertaining’ – feedback

Combined with my carefully structured, and easy-to-learn, SOSTAC® planning framework, the learning is embedded and the knowledge and skills boosted, immediately.  Additional online tutorials, videos and posts are issued for ongoing improvement and upskilling.

SOSTAC Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

WorkbookLast Page

Additional tutorials listed in the workbook

All backed up with the best-selling SOSTAC ® Guide To Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan (text book), plus a workbook with a suite of extra online tutorials to continue to embed the learning long after the workshop is over – whenever and wherever anyone needs it.

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Clients move from a state of frustration and anxiety from too many new tools, channels and processes to

seeing a clear structure, avoiding classic mistakes and growing their business whilst developing sustainable competitive advantage.

Net result:  Individuals are empowered


and teams are strengthened.

See what my clients say about my training.

Mentoring and Coaching

on a 1-2-1 basis or a team basis also works well. The goal is to boost results whilst nurturing a new skill set.  Working closely with a client like this, ensures the client actually delivers the results, with me looking over their shoulder until we get the job done.  I’ve been invited by the UK government’s BIS Growth Accelerator Scheme to coach high growth businesses.


These businesses also qualify for some grants if they meet the criteria which include:

  • having less than £40m turnover
  • less than 249 staff
  • self-owned (or at least 75%)
  • English registered
  • currently profitable with some growth
  • potential growth of 20% pa
  • have not received leadership Development funding before

If you fit these criteria contact me or by phone 0044 (0) 20 8567 4659

If you don’t fit these criteria, but need some mentoring, coaching or even training, contact me anyway (I won’t be able to get you  Growth Accelerator funding but I will be able to help you boost your skill sets and ultimately boost results).

See what my clients say about my mentoring and coaching.

SOSTAC® Training

If you are looking for SOSTAC® Training – workshops or talks, please email me or call me on  0044 (0) 20 8567 4659.

Or if you are looking for SOSTAC® videos or online courses (whether a 60 minute course or the full  20 hour course – just click SOSTAC® .