This FILE INFO must not be removed from the JPEGI  advise a variety of  companies including innovative SMEs (Small To Medium Enterprises) e.g. a specialist marketing automation company,  a  global renewable energy start-up (that has grown from zero to €500 million market cap in four years).


I also advise  industry bodies, government organisations, digital hubs, political groups, a charity and my own NFP educational programme,  The Great Sportsmanship Programme which mobilises whole communities into sportsmanship values.



DrAhmadAlSharif2I am currently discussing my Great Sportsmanship Programme with various bodies in the Middle East as well as Barcelona, Arsenal, the Football Association Of Ireland, Sports Coach UK, the Youth Sports Trust, Sport Against Racism Ireland.


I’m pleased to say that the Dubai Sports Council have also asked about using the programme to set up a programme of training in sportsmanship for all professional football coaches across Dubai.



9The marketing automation company is particularly interesting as it was founded by some former IBM-ers  whom I trained 20 years ago and they have kept in touch ever since. I am very pleased to say that they have called me in to advise and train their various companies over the years.  I currently sit on the advisory board for These guys now deliver cutting edge MA, digital body language and social segmentation.


So whether

  • reviewing an organisation’s overall marketing
  • doing a social media audit
  • carrying out market research
  • creating detailed social media content schedule (content marketing) 
  • developing web sites or social media platforms
  • developing digital marketing strategies
  • inspiring a team with creative thinking techniques to find extra added value via digital
  • drafting a marketing plan, digital marketing plan or social media plan,

the bottom line, ultimately, is to boost results.

There are a  lot of new tools emerging in marketing. Can I help you to exploit them to boost your results?

Here’s  my video ‘What’s New In Marketing?’ (4 minutes) which is really just a list of relatively new tools that make marketing so much easier and so much more effective.


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