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Inspiring audiences is one thing. Structuring the key messages in an easy-to-remember format is another.  That’s why being an author can help, as it forces you to structure your thoughts.  It’s nice to leave audiences feeling empowered and inspired.

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I believe in edutainment (entertainment and education) as it helps deliver memorable, inspirational and actionable talks.  I like to use some humour and provocative questions to challenge audiences amidst a carefully structured talk.

I speak at:

  • breakfast briefings
  • lunchtime learning
  • after dinner speaking
  • conferences
  • workshops
  • webinars
  • virtual world events

Popular topics right now include:

  • Change Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • The Perfect Digital Marketing Plan
  • SOSTAC ® – How To Write The Perfect Plan
  • Creativity In Business  & In Marketing
  • Marketing Automation  & Digital Body Language
  • Unlocking Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • SOSTAC ® – How To Write The Perfect Plan in four minutes
  • Or have you another topic you’d like me to speak about?

Or something very different that inspires and motivates audiences, is a selection of my short stories about incredible moments of sportsmanship from my Great Sportsmanship Programme. Here’s my TEDxTalk on ‘How Sportsmanship Can Change The World PRSmithspeakinhandsopen7TEDxPRSmithstoopAMA Conf Frog 772kCIM Nat Conf 2009 _MB00210PaulandAkhmed may2013CIM Your Marketing Show 2010UAE Paul Abu Dhabi World Health 1DSC_0256Zi6_0648Virtual PR SmithDSC_0254UAEGEM2012



Some of My Video Clips

Here’s three video clips. The first is about Sustainable Competitive Advantage. The second clip is totally unrelated (!) it’s my TEDxTalk about Sportsmanship (apologies, when you click the TEDx photo below it will  take you to my Great Sportsmanship site with the video embedded there).  So you’ll have to click a second time when you are on the site. I hope you enjoy it.  And finally, the third clip is a 4 minute colourful explanation of the Great Sportsmanship Programme – I know this is not directly marketing related but it hopefully shares some public talking with a camera in my face.


Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage (5 mins) made several years ago but still relevant




How Sportsmanship Can Change The World (15 mins), my TedxTalk on Sportsmanship


Anyone For Olympism? – a colourful 4 minute video


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