Fri 20 May Next Chat add it to your calendar now (3.30pm-4.00pm BST).  

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Fri 13 May Chat (listen to it again) or read the 60 Second Summary links below.

Parents aware kid’s data harvested?

All the ways TikTok tracks you and how to stop it

Facial Recognition

Eye Recognition

What Motivates Elon Musk?

Electrically Charged Chopsticks

Face Recognition Isn’t Just Face Identification and Verification: It’s Also Photo Clustering, Race Analysis, Real-time Tracking, and More

Many thanks Neil for the links.

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The Hop Exchange, London
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Fri 6 May Chat (listen to it again) or read the 60 Second Summary below.

Is TikTok Live “A Strip Club Filled With 15-Year-Olds” 

Who Wrote This Smear TikTok Story? 

Meta Walled-Garden Glasses with Addictive Algorithms

Frances Haugen: Facebook whistleblower reveals identity …

Devices Listening To Us?

We Don’t Care? 

Man Married To Holographic Wife Can’t Talk To Her – Due To Software Glitch 

software glitch caused his holographic wife to malfunction

Chinese GirlBot with 465 million boyfriends

MUSIC from Chris McCann’s Music Paths 

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29 Apr –  listen to it again or read the 60 Second Summary below.

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EU DMA Targets Big Tech – 6 New Demands ANTITRUST LEGISLATIONThe Verge Mar 24 , James Vincent  –  Expected to come into force by October

If America’s Antitrust motto is “break up Big Tech,” Europe’s is: “Don’t break them up, break them open.”  Europe’s Digital Markets Act Takes a Hammer to Big Tech | WIRED

Facebook fails to label 80% of posts promoting bio-weapons conspiracy theory 


22 April Chat read the 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

Cream House Sandgate
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Why American Teens Are So Sad –   continuing the discussion from last week. Thanks Reggie

State Attorneys Target Tiktok        Thanks Anne

Meta’s Alleged Tiktok Smear Campaign    Thanks Kelvin

EU DMA Targets Big Tech & Unveils 6 New Demands Antitrust Legislation

Ogilvy drops influencers who edit their faces for ads – Thanks Reggie

Metaverse Tracks involuntary body movements to serve ads – 👀 Eye movements 🤔 Facial expressions 💪 Body poses 😞 Moods 😱 Reactions –  More on this next week. Thanks Devon

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2022 edition is released on Amazon  officially on May-Day (bank holiday) 1st May.


8 April Chat Listen again or read the 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

AI Innovation & Ethics in Marketing
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Social Media Addiction Mechanics & Psychology (part 2)
see how social media companies build addiction into their product.
Social Dilemma – must see documentary.

Social Media Pressure: State Attorneys    +     US Surgeon General
a call for more responsible business from legal and medical influencers

CIM Climate Summit Summary
by Neil Kelley, Course Director, Leeds Beckett University – see links below

WeAre8   a new type of social media company – they check content before publishing + pay audience for watching ads. Check them out.

B-Corp Heroes  are leading the charge re sustainability.   Interesting advertising agency collective with sustainable at its heart. Note 3Ps People Profit Planet

76% consumers want to buy sustainable driven products & 53% of staff work harder if company is sustainable.

Mike Berners Lee (Tim’s brother)  ‘There’s No Planet B‘ (thanks Kelvin)

Other useful links from the Sustainability Summit (thanks Neil)



1 April Chat  Listen again or see the 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing
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Dubai Expo 2020

BBC turns to dark web & shortwave radio to reach Russians

Well well well, who would have ever thought the BBC would move into the dark web.

Mechanics & Psychology Behind Social Media Addiction

Ask yourself:
1. How has the world become so polarized and divisive?
2. How have lies come to outpace facts on a daily basis?
3. How have baseless conspiracy theories gained so much in popularity that they are impacting broad populations and mainstream political parties?
….  Walk through the underlying mechanics of the social media business, it all becomes so painfully obvious.
Simply put, these aspects of today’s global chaos are each a direct, rational result of trying to make money from ads.
Jeff Seibert former Head of Consumer Product for Twitter in 2015 interviewed in The Social Dilemma

US Surgeon Gen: Biz v Students Clash  33% students suffer

Technology companies must step up and take responsibility for creating a safe digital environment for children and youth.
Today, most (tech) companies are not transparent about the impact of their products,


Dr. John Bustard asked if anyone can think of a snappy strap line for tech – something that will inspire tech companies and social media companies to rally around, be more transparent, more responsible for H&S of their users/cistomers.

Here’s our first suggestion: ‘Make Tech Great Again’ from John.   ‘Make Great Tech  ART   –   Accountable, Responsible & Transparent’   is my attempt.  PLs add your suggestion in the comments – way down below or send them into next week’s clubhouse chat.


25 Mar Chat Listen again or see 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

SOSTAC(r) Plans Club
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Russian Boycott Update  –  Subway, PepsiCo and more firms still trading in Russia 21 days since Ukraine war began (– perhaps some have stopped since?
A Russian deepfake video of Zelenskyy telling Ukranians to ‘lay down their arms’ was exposed this week as Deep Fake. More on AI-Created Deep Fakes destroying democracy.

Robot Begs: Stop the AI Bias – as the world celebrated International Women’s Day , Sophia (the robot) pleaded to stop the gender bias.  See the racially biased soap dispenser.

US Surgeon General Warning (parents aware of kid’s data?)  Bernard Maher’s observations and questions around technology are worth considering, particularly if you have children. “Highly popular AR apps of the type that power the filters used by Snapchat and Facebook can gather intimate biometric data when we show them our face. This includes facial expressions, speech data, and even retina patterns that can be used to uniquely identify us.” Bernard Marr (2019) Surgeon General’s Report 2021 with 2 pages on What Social Media, Video Gaming, and Other Technology Companies Can Do.Plus  a 2 hour video.Thanks Kelvin.

Next Week 

[ ]  Onboarding with XR   + [ ] 3 Common Mistakes Made in AI +  [ ]  Addictive algorithms to keep us in!
Thanks in advance to Terry Neil for a fascinating addictive tiktok experience explained and Anne Doherty for additional articles.


11 Mar Chat  Listen again or see 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A


AI, Etgics and Innovation in Marketing SOSTAC(r) Plans Club
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[ ] Ethics and Accountability  the State Attorneys General in the US investigating TikTok for allegedly harming young people. They are specifically looking at whether TikTok has violated State consumer-protection laws. They also have Instagram in their sights. This overlaps with the US Surgeon General’s December Mental Health Advisory, which we discussed in our chat that month. He called on more accountability and transparency from tech companies, including social media, laying part of the blame for the youth mental health epidemic at their feet. During the State of the Union Address, President Biden mentioned the youth mental health crisis and specifically decried social media companies having run an experiment on the health of our young people without their consent (over the previous decade). Thanks for extra info Reggie  Johnson.

China Agrees with USA:   Democracies are at the mercy of social media industry Frantisek Vrabel, China Daly 24 Jan 2022

AI developments should abide by the rule of law, avoiding harm, and ensuring that when harm happens, accountability and redressal mechanisms are at hand for those affected.’ (UNESCO). See Artificial Intelligence – Protective Armour from UNESCO. And also beware AI-Created Deep Fakes destroying democracy. 

[ ] Crashing Your Sales – Ethical Russian Boycott

Worked in S Africa – can it work in Russia? How long does it take?  300 foreign companies withdrawn or halted business. Who’s boycotting? Heineken stopping making, advertising & selling their beer in Russia. Netflix, Apple, IKEA suspended business. McDonalds, Starbucks, Coca Cola followed when they ‘finally bowed to pressure’. We’ve had ‘Green-washing’ (fake green claims) and now I’m calling Fake’ Boycotts = ‘Boycott Bathing’.  Why are these companies only saying this:

  • Discovery Channel ‘PLEDGED TO SUSPEND THEIR SERVICES’?????
  • Universal Music Group operations were ‘SET TO CLOSE’?????
  • Philip Morris ‘VOWED TO REDUCE PRODUCTION’ ?????
  • Nestle said it will ‘HALT INVESTMENT’?????

Perhaps they might tell us or someone might tell us why they only say ‘pledged’ or ‘set to close’  or ‘reduce reduction’?

Thanks for extra info to Neil Kelley.



Fri 4 Mar Listen again or see 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

White House Teddington
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How  Marketing Can Save The Planet

Thanks for today’s clubhouse chat to Gemma Butler, co-author, Sustainable Marketing – How to drive profits with purpose and co-founder of

Gemma suggested all marketers must keep learning, keep developing and become knowledgable about what we are doing for and against the environment. Here are some of the sources mentioned:

Sustainable Transformation Hub | CIM

Project Drawdown Solutions (Client Solutions 1010)

UN Sustainable Goals (17 Goals)

Paris Climate Agreement

We are 8 (on the app store)
Imagine if you could change the world in just 2 minutes a day. Now you can. We are 8 make it easy and fun for you to help reverse climate change, end food poverty and support the causes that matter. Join the party and celebrate your impact with the 8 community.

Help from Competition and Markets Authority

  • Stop Greenwashing – CMA published the Green Claims Code aimed at protecting consumers from misleading environmental claims or  ‘greenwashing’.  Sep 2021
    The Green Claims Code checklist
  • Stop Biased AI and Biased Social Media Feeds The (CMA) is also scrutinising tech giants algorithms to make sure they are not unfairly targeting certain groups. It has been researching the topic for more than a year and is preparing to publish new findings in the coming months. Jan 2022


25 Feb (listen again) or see 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

AI Innovation & Ethics in Marketing
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includes an interview with  Gemma Butler, co-author of Sustainable Marketing – How to drive profits with purpose  + Podcast Host

AI: A FUTURE FOR HUMANS?  BBC REITH LECTURES 2021  Lecture 4 (of 4) Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science and founder of the Centre for Human Compatible Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, at Berkeley.   [Apologies this goes over 1 minute but as it is the final lecture concluding what we have to do, it feels right to extend it to almost 4 minutes.]

Imagine this:   all human beings are passengers on a bus that is speeding towards the edge of a cliff. That cliff is the loss of control over increasingly intelligent machines, as predicted by Alan Turing in 1951, when he said, “Once the machine thinking method had started, it would not take long to outstrip our feeble powers. At some stage therefore we should have to expect the machines to take control.”

The essential question is ’how to retain power, forever, over entities more powerful than ourselves – entities that we cannot outwit. I’ll call this the control problem. To solve this problem, we’ll have to go back to the very beginning, the core of how AI is defined. Machines are intelligent to the extent that their actions can be expected to achieve their objectives.

Three Laws of Robotics proposed by the great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (1942)

  • A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm
  • A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law
  • A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws

whether we’re ready to encode the three principles into legislation and detailed regulations. No, not yet. We need a lot more theoretical and experimental work before we have the necessary design templates that could form the basis for regulation.



E M Forster’s The Machine Stops, published in 1909  ….. (the machine) has robbed us of the sense of space and of the sense of touch, it has blurred every human relation, it has paralysed our bodies and our wills…… .. The first lesson of Forster’s story is that as we gradually hand over the management of our civilisation to machines, we lose the ability to do it ourselves, and the next generation loses the incentive to learn how to do it, and the chain breaks.

Since the dawn of humanity, we have spent roughly a trillion person-years just passing on what we know to the next generation, through thousands of generations, to keep our civilisation alive and growing. What happens when none of that is necessary?   ………  we (the children) will have all the power, even though the machines will, in fact, be far more powerful….. We need a new metaphor, a new way of seeing ourselves, and we will need all the writers and filmmakers and poets to guide our culture in the process.


18 Feb see 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

SOSTAC(r) Plans Club
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[ ] AI in the Economy (Lecture 3 of 4) by Professor Stuart Russell  The Reith Lectures – Reith Lectures 2021 – Living With Artificial Intelligence Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science and founder of the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley LECTURE 1  THE BIGGEST EVENT IN HUMAN HISTORY;     LECTURE 2  AI IN WARFARE; LECTURE 3 AI IN THE ECONOMY;    LECTURE 4  AI: A FUTURE FOR HUMANS?

What is the future of work? Is AI a threat to jobs? Aristotle says, obviously, yes! Forecasts range from happy scenarios of human-AI teamwork to dystopic visions in which most people are excluded from the economy altogether.

Two Schools of Thought:

  • James Bessen economist called this THE INVERTED-U CURVE: as technology progresses in a given sector, first employment goes up, and then it goes down. Plus new robot workers will help society fighting forest fires
  • Work – an organized system of mutually beneficial exchange – might still be essential – we can still supply our humanity. We will need to become good at being human. Now, this is one area where we have a comparative advantage over machines. ….. “caring professions”.  [Editor: Although we have previously mentioned chatbots helping those with depressions].

If you were a science fiction writer in about 8000 BC and you wrote that one day, people would get up, go into windowless buildings, do the same thing 10,000 times a day, and do this nearly every day until they died, your nomadic hunter-gatherer colleagues would think you were nuts.  So maybe THE END OF WORK COULD BE A GOOD THING?  This is dependent on UBI (Universal Basic Income).

So, it seems that whether we think of the end of work as a good thing or a bad thing, either way, we need a radical redirection of our science and education: either to equip individuals to “live wisely and agreeably and well” or to support a human economy based largely on high-value-added interpersonal services.

it’s not obvious that with UBI and with unlimited wealth that we would still learn everything that the human race has learned so far and push the boundaries of knowledge forward and develop internally a strong sense of purpose, and mission, and go out there and interact with lots of other people.

We need a reason to get out of bed. Economist, John Maynard Keynes (1883–1946 Father of Macroeconomics) predicted that this striving instinct will gradually disappear. He hinted about the need to prepare people for their life of leisure:   … educating people for this new world 

 “I’m not sure that slowing down AI is possible, but I can certainly anticipate a time when we reserve interpersonal professions and tasks for humans. If it’s more blessed to give than to receive, we must not, by receiving everything from machines, cut off humans from the opportunity to give. “

Listen to the The full lecture 


Next Week:

[ ] AI: A FUTURE FOR HUMANS? -a summary of the 4th and final lecture from Professor Stuart Russell

[ ] Systemic Racist Robots  – UK Regulator moves in

[ ] The Best AI Innovation Ever created by a 3rd year student in India


11 Feb (listen again) or see 60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

underground station with Signs inviting audience to AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing
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[ ] AI and War (Lecture 2 of 4) by professor Stuart Russell  The Reith Lectures – Reith Lectures 2021 – Living With Artificial Intelligence

The Principle of Distinction – you cannot attack civilians and, by extension, you cannot use weapons that are by nature indiscriminate – what happens of AI systems committing atrocities. Who is accountable?International humanitarian law also includes an explicitly moral element called the Martens Clause, which says that “in cases not covered by the law in force, the human person remains under the protection of the principles of humanity and the dictates of the public conscience.” See Slaughterbots.  If you deliberately target a civilian population then that’s criminal intent. If you use a weapon whose outcome you can’t predict reasonably accurately and it ends up killing lots of civilians, then that’s criminal negligence, and so in both cases the party that programmes the mission into the weapon and launches it would be responsible. AI community launched an open letter calling for a ban (on autonomous weapons); tens of thousands of researchers signed, including almost the entire leadership of the field. Next week: AI IN THE ECONOMY  –  What is the future of work?


[ ] AI Benefits Artificial Intelligence – Protective Armour from UNESCO

Many benefits in marketing including building relationships (customer relations) see Chinese Girlbot with 465m Boyfriends or watch AI Avatars like  Lil Miquela building her own business.

World’s first Global Agreement on the Ethics of AI – Global Standards for Ethics in AI calling for:

(1)  accountability and redressal mechanisms, and being aware of

(2) dangers of mass surveillance,

(3) threats to privacy and

(4) gender/ethnic bias (see racist soap dispenser).

See how important privacy and data protection is to the survival of society in The Dark Arts Of Marketing – Breaking Down Society to Create a New Culture – Using Data & IRD

And the need for algorithm transparency, highlighted by Kelvin’s WSJ investigation into Tiktok’s algorithm which revealed that ‘The tiktok experience starts the same way for everyone with a variety of videos (many with millions of views). The app takes note of subtle cues such as how long you linger on a video to zero in on what users really want to watch. Over time the video choices become less mainstream, less vetted by moderators and sometimes more disturbing. Some of the accounts ended up lost in rabbit holes of similar content including one that just watched videos about depression, others were served videos that encouraged eating disorders, sexualised minors and discuss suicide.’

[ ] Algorithm Transparency – AlgorithmWatch is a non-profit research and advocacy organization that is committed to watch, unpack and analyse automated decision-making (ADM) systems and their impact on society. and GUILLAUME CHASLOT (founder and influencer in area of algorithm transparency)


Finally, other than Antinatalists (who believe the human species should not prevail), there is one big question marketers must ask all AI developers and algorithm creators ‘can this damage or destroy the human species?’


4 Feb (listen again) or read the  60 Second Summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

Cavern with screen saying: AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing
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[ ] Innovative Tiktok spreads its reach into OOH poster site  (thanks Neil)

[ ] AI and why people should be scared Reith Lectures Prof Stuart Russell

[ ] AI argues for and against itself in Oxford Union debate – BBC News

[ ] More on Climate Change Lobbying Campaigns – during the Winter Olympics next week (thanks Reggie)

[ ] Algorithm Transparency (thanks Kelvin)

  1.  AlgorithmWatch is an NFP research and advocacy organization that is committed to watch, unpack and analyse automated decision-making (ADM) systems and their impact on society.
  2. Algo Transparency and Guillaume Chaslot (founder and influencer in area of algorithm transparency)  – Thanks Kelvin



28 Jan 2022 (listen again) or read: 60 Second Summary below

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

Spaceship with invitation to join the clubhouse chat
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LAST WEEK’s Question: How should we educate ourselves re Climate Change (and marketing) – where do we start?

  1. What Sustainable Reporting is your company using (ESG, GFI, B Corp Impact Assessment )?
  2. What are they saying (in these reports?)
  3. What did the Paris Climate Agreement? Cop 26? Carbon literacy, the Circular economy  – understand the landscape.
  4. What Green Claims you are making?
  5. B Corporation based on the Triple Bottom Line People, Planet, Profit – Fantastic Impact Assessment
  6. Independent certification:B Corp Certified (12 month waiting list to go thru…), ECO Label website, Over 400 kitemarks.
    Taken from the Green Claims Code – what you need to know webinar by Michelle Carville & Gemma Butler

Other websites: (thanks Dr John Bustard for this one)   Federal Trade Commission (thanks to David McDonald for this one)

MSCI, the world’s largest “ESG” rating company – was called out by Alice Schmidt  (on Linkedin)

‘This is an outrageous case of #greenwashing – and one that really matters given the financial power behind it. Under the pretext of building portfolios for a “better world”, MSCI, the world’s largest “ESG” rating company actually channels billions into investments that benefit corporations’ financial bottom line but little else; whether they create a positive environmental or social #impact isn’t even part of the equation.’  Alice Schmidt

Expo 2022 Observations – AI – Futuristic Police Stations & Robo Police

I will write a separate blog post – giving a visual interpretation of Dubai 2020 Expo


21 Jan 2022 Listen Again or read the 60 second summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

Summary of our 30 minute chat with picture of a London courtyard
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[ ] Westlife Chinese WeChat Concert wins 21 million viewers + 140m likes + gifting + engagement

[ ] AI driven Chat Bot helps mental health

3 Ways chabots help support mental health in schools (thanks Reggie) also check out thanks Kelvin

[ ] Greenwashing v Green Claims Code – Sustainable Marketing, Michelle Carville, Gemma Butler, Gerraint Evans  Green Claims Code what you need to know – webinar

Also check out  NB Last podcast listed on this site – interviews Dr Alex Mifsud who says:

“Get out of your comfort zone – educate yourself to raise your head above the parapet and understand the wider issues and the interconnectedness – because once you see things … you can’t unsee them”.

We’ve lost our moral compass! We also discuss the significance of (1) short-term thinking – and our (2) need for immediate gratification, and how that is hampering progress

QUESTION FOR NEXT WEEK: How should we educate ourselves – where do we start?


14 Jan 2022  listen to the 30 minute chat and/or read the 60 second summary below.

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary to our 30 min chat
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MAMAA v FAANG  These are the largest market cap companies in the world. Old FAANG:  Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (now called Alphabet (formerly known as Google). Now replaced by New MAMAA:  Meta (FB), Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google’s parent company-

The Green Claims Code, a recent mandate set out by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to stop greenwashing. Watch the CIM webinar.

Facebook v Whistleblower Ethics– meet the extraordinary Frances Haugen – the video is highly recommended.  ‘The new U.K. and E.U. laws have the potential to force Facebook and its competitors to open up their algorithms to public scrutiny’

We’ve talked about the need for Algorithm Transparency -meet  AlgoTransparency (thanks Kelvin).

Digital Marketing Added Value QUIZ QUESTION: How did Westlife (Irish boyband) generate 21m viewers at their last concert in China and generate 140m likes?  Answer next week

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7 Jan 2022  60 Second Summary   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

SOSTAC Club, Abbot Pub, London
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US Surgeon General Requests Tech Companies about their role in mental health  Surgeon General’s youth mental health crisis advisory

Walled Garden Glasses with addictive algorithms to keep us in (next week)

The Green Claims Code, a recent mandate set out by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to stop greenwashing.  Join the webinar Tue, Jan 11,  1:00 PM – 2:00 PM GMT.  Thanks Kelvin for info.

The Trolley Test Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandma? A man or a woman? MIT 2018 thanks to  Adrian Amariei for sending me the link to this article.

Innovation Barriers 56% of Software Users Wish Management Would Reinstate Old Platform – Gartner 2021    Ehrlich, C. (2021) Datanation, 20 Dec   Link

QUIZ QUESTION: Which of the 6 SOSTAC® sections of a plan can solve this ‘Innovation Barrier’? Answer is below.

Listen to the recording of this 30 minute clubhouse chat 

Date for your diary – see you next Fri 3.30pm 14 Jan 2022

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Answer: Actions



17 Dec 2021  60 Second Summary    

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

Happy Christmas Message on the Clubhouse
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Surgeon General Demands Tech Companies Be More Transparent With ALL Their Research Revealing Impact on Users’ Mental Health

This is 35-page document that asks companies to be more ethical and transparent about their research into the effects of using social media, AI or other products and services.  Surgeon General’s youth mental health crisis advisory.   35-page PDF:

My Top 3 Marketing Moments 2021 from Mark Ritson’s Top 10

(1) The Launch of Meta BUT Zuckerberg is the biggest threat to his own company!

(2)  Bezos – Success Story – in my opinion, marketer of the decade/s – dedicated to total customer-centricity – see 1999 video

(3) Agency Briefings agencies say clients briefs are not good – so I say just use SOS from SOSTAC  +4Ms!

taken from Mark Ritson’s Top 10 Moments from 2021

Beware International Data Traps

But enjoy international poetry exchanges  (Russian Ambassador reciting an ancient  Chinese Poem (on video in TikTok bursts all records and generated 600,000 subscribers).

Li Bai’s poem   – 701 AD – 762 AD

On a quiet night
I saw the moonlight
Before my couch,
And wondered if it were
Not the frost on the ground.
I raised my head and looked out
on the mountain moon,
I bowed my head
And thought of my far-off home.

My Chrismas Gift to you

For when the great scorekeeper comes to write against your name, it's not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game
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My Christmas Gift to you – this is taken from (About section) my NFP edutainment programme designed to inspire a new generation of global citizens to see more free posters and videos click the About Tab.


Fairy Liquid Bottle on top of the Christmas Tree - if you need a fairy
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Fairy Liquid Bottle on top of the Christmas Tree – if you need a fairy

Listen to the recording of this 30 minute clubhouse chat 

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60 Second Summary   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat 10 Dec 2021 

AI, Innovation & Ethics in Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

SOSTAC(r) Club Meeting - 60 second summary Summary
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6 AI Questions You Must Ask (and Find Answers)

These questions are mostly drawn from this excellent UNESCO video in my post Artificial Intelligence – Protective Armour from UNESCO – PR Smith

If we don’t ask ethical questions about AI to scientists, engineers, philosophers, ethics bodies, politicians, law makers, individual friends and colleagues

‘then, it’s only the companies that ask the questions – companies who design (AI) systems to make money’. (UNESCO Video 2021)

  1. What is the AI lesson from Frankenstein?
  2. Can you leave technology to its own devices?
  3. What AI engineering narrative must be changed immediately?
  4. When AI recommends decisions, or even takes decisions, on our behalf- who’s responsibility is it? Particularly if things go wrong?
  5. Can we learn to educate the algorithms before they take over?
  6. What can you do about it?


Other Posts mentioned: 

AI and Data – Crisis Coming?


Chinese GirlBot With 465m Boyfriends

Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advans & Disadvans

Listen to the recording of this 30 minute clubhouse chat 

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Take-away Question:  Do you know AI or does AI know you better?




60 Second Summary 3 Dec 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

AI Ethics and Innovative Marketing + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary of a 30 Min chat
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60 Second Summary of a 30 min chat


AI does everything? Even write copy? – generates articles & blog posts – free blog posts – free trial

AI form relationships? See Chinese Girlbot With 465m Boyfriends

AI is pervasive…. supports the decision-making of managers, directors, boards, companies, institutions, governments

AI has many benefits and many challenges (see blog post link below)

AI Protective Armour from UNESCO is my blog post about the need for ethical guidance and regulations and the most welcome UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization – Building peace in the minds of men and women) agreement.



Q1 Groupware/comms/ tool for implementing SOSTAC?  @Brad Smith  suggested ClickUpand Notion   

Q2 Strategy engine in conjunction with SOSTAC – track, measure, and automatically act on OKRs? (Objectives & Key Results) (as Excel is for budgeting) Lato  suggested by  Adrian Amariel

We will continue to explore many other platforms in future meetings. Please do tell us your experience with any particular platforms.

Listen to the recording of this 30 minute clubhouse chat 

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60 Second Summary 26 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

SOSTAC Club in a large red building in Germany
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Fake News in a Post-Truth Society

Facebook’s Meta now claim they are reducing COVID-19 misinformation – ‘how to spot false news’! After how many years….?

Misinformation, Fake News & Deep Fake are so rampant now that it’s hard to know what is accurate anymore.  Full Fact are going to start checking FB content   Other Fact Checkers like  are worth exploring too.

Real, Fake or Deep Fake?  Eric Cantona sends Manchester United fans into meltdown with Instagram update amid manager search – Manchester Evening News  If anyone knows please post a comment below.

See my Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advans & Disadvans post for more.

COP 26 Positive & Negative Results

Government warnings and advice are weakened and damaged by fake news, misinformation and a lack of influencer marketing campaigns.

Two positive sites for marketers to take action: – Gemma Butler

Climax.Community Climate Essentials – YouTube 3 min video Self Assess Your Own Sustainability


COVID19 Confusion

Where are the influencer campaigns to ram home key messages that many target groups never get a chance to hear nor a reason to believe?


Influencer Marketing Campaigns – where are you when we need you for the:

  • Climate Crisis
  • Covid Crisis

Where are the influencer marketing campaigns supporting the credibility of these two crises and the CRITICAL KEY MESSAGES? Misinformation by micro-influencers seems to have sown the seeds of doubt re Covid and Climate.


Brands Use ‘Influencer Marketing Campaigns’  – including some New Creator Marketplaces

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace invites creators to post and categorise their videos so that marketing teams can select content and influencers with similar values and/or topics.

Newton Baby used the TCM to find creators with a sense of humour about being new parents and young children in the household. They created videos of one parent pranking the other, ultimately focusing on Newton Baby’s crib mattress being fully machine-washable. It’s a terrific example of using the TCM to find creators whose audience and content is a match for the target market with results being TikToks, not ads.   Thanks to Reggie Johnson (a SOSTAC® Certified Planner)



‘How does the flow of ideation, discussions, (internal politics,) presentations, budgeting, approvals go before starting the SOSTAC for a campaign?

I am interested in Who, What, When. The Why would be bonus knowledge for me.’  Adrian Amariei  – many thanks for the excellent questions.

Save this link to hear today’s 26 Nov 30 min chat including the answer to the above






60 Second Summary 19 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 second Summary of 30 Min SOSTAC(r) Club - Clubhouse Chat
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“This agreement is an utter betrayal of the people.” “It’s immoral for the rich to sit there talking about their future children and grandchildren, when the children of the south are suffering now.”
The people are rising up across the globe to hold our governments and corporations to account – and make them act.”Alan Evans (2021) ‘Utter betrayal’: civil society groups furious at Cop26 outcome – live updates ( 14 Nov, Guardian.



so that customers want the lower carbon versions. Trillions of dollars have been spent on reinventing the supply side, improving production processes. Now the demand side has to catch up. Grace Kite & Jonathan Wise  (2021) 9 Nov  Marketers are in pole position to shape consumer demand for sustainability, Marketing Week.


Self Assess Your Own Sustainability (thanks Dr John Bustard) I have yet to try this. Hopefully people report back next week’s 30 min chat.

Partners — #sustainablemarketing ( (thanks Kelvin Golding & David McDonald)


Imogen Watson (2021)To boycott or not to boycott: how agencies should work with high-carbon clients, Campaign 2 Nov


Put next week’s chat in your diary

3.30pm-4.00pm GMT Fri 26 Nov. Here’s the link



60 Second Summary 12 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

Thanks to everyone for joining us for our 30 minute Friday chat (every week)and also thanks to our contributors including Kelvin Goldstein.

60 Second Summary of 30 min chat
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Post-Truth Society

Oxford English Dictionary   Word of the Year  (2016)…… President Trump, according to a database set up by the Washington Post and reported by Nina Schick (2020) in her book, (Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse, Nina Schick p93) had made over 18,000 false and misleading claims in the three years up to 2020.  For a more detailed analysis of Trump’s actual campaign and why it succeeded my post How Trump Won should help. More on Deep Fake next week.

Coca Cola did lose approx lost $4b of their share price the same day Ronaldo publicly snubbed Coca Cola BUT it happened an hour before the snub!! A Post-Truth World: Why Ronaldo Did Not Move Coca-Cola Share Price Forbes Jun 19, 2021. We were duped a few weeks ago!!! Thanks to Devon Toner for pointing this out and sharing the link.

COP26 Pantomime?

Thanks to Peter Hurst for sharing your passion and this link about how politics and economics can en-debt whole countries (read all about it).

Former Irish president Mary Robinson (also subsequently served for five years  as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)  names and shames countries (video clip)   – thanks to Dr. John Bustard for sharing.

Can change occur from the ground floor (rather than waiting for governments to agree)? I wonder if ‘carbon footprint’ ratings or footprint ratings will be applied to FMCG and eventually B2B products and services?

Would it be a criteria for buyers? Is this an opportunity for brands to carve out a competitive advantage by being first movers to 100% clean products and services? Can the stock market do likewise and encourage investors to steer clear of companies that are ‘green timebombs’?

Ultimately, I guess this only works if buyers (us) care too?

Stakeholder Capitalism and Stakeholder Marketing 

Stakeholder Capitalism is here (acknowledged by the FT). Stakeholder marketing should follow.

Creator Marketplaces – Reggie – will raise this next week.

Put the next date into your diary. Join us 19 Nov Fri 3.30pm GMT in the SOSTAC® Plans Club.


60 Second Summary 5 Nov 2021   SOSTAC® Plans Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical & Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary of 30 min clubhouse chat
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Sky Ambush BBC

(and use some sonic branding) – SKy promoted the new TV Series, ‘Succession’ musicians playing the theme tune (another form of sonic branding) outside the entrance to BBC London HQ. As journalists enter the building they cannot ignore the story!

AI Forces Customers to Smile 

to gain access to the supermarket in Denmark, customers must smile. AI facial recognition recognises a smile and triggers the door to open. After a while, everyone is smiling. What a great start to your next shopping experience.  See this video in my recent Linkeidn Posts (4) PR Smith | LinkedIn

TikTok Creator Market-PLace

Content creators opportunity: Go to TikTok Creator Portal Watch out for Emily Zugay.

Fake News / Synthetic Media

More next week from Nina Schick’s Deep Fakes and the Info Calypse – what you need to know urgently. Meanwhile see my blog post:  Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advans & Disadvans


Chris McCann’s Music Paths    

See you Fri 12 Nov Oct 3.30pm – 4.00pm

in clubhouse.  Put this link in your diary.  Tell a friend.

and meanwhile, visit  to become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner

or visit see some cutting edge posts about Ai, Ethics, Innovation ….in marketing. Post a comment and I will reply to you.

Thanks also to Reggie Johnson and Kelvin Golding.





60 Second Summary: 15 Oct 2021 Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

House with 60 Second Summary badge
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5 Oct 2021

Deep Fake / Synthetic Media in Marketing – Advantages & Disadvantages 

Watch this video and then read around it (click here).  Then think about it. Discuss it with a friend or colleague/s. Post a comment at the end. Continue the conversation.

Deep Fake Videos being made
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SOSTAC® Q&A:  Any Tools To Help Competitor Analysis re CX (Customer Experience)? 

  • Analogue framework: 40 cards – find what differentiates a specific product/service/brand/person from competition . Dr. John Bustard
  • Strategic groupings, perceptual maps (based upon careful analysis of what are the relevant axes) plus tactical strengths and weaknesses. Neil Kelley
  • Ratings & Reviews; Google: Brand ‘XYZ’ Similar; Compare Websites: &; Competitor’s Best Content: Competitor’s History- PR Smith
  • How to do a UX Competitor Analysis: Step By Step 

The idea of Michael’s cookie zero/zero cookies is a source of significant differentiation/innovation and distinction (Marketing Distinguo).


Chris McCann’s Music Paths      On The Rocks by Christopher McCann

See you Fri 29 Oct 3.30pm – 4.00pm

in clubhouse.  Put this link in your diary.  Tell a friend.





60 Second Summary:  8 Oct 2021 Clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary from the SOSTAC(r) Plans Club
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CX Removing points of friction to create effortless experiences (Reuters) How do we create experiences that keep the customer coming back for more?
How to nurture customer loyalty? Through providing effortless experiences + Added Value. Reuters report that The rush to participate in digital transformation has often left a lot to be desired. Today, consumers are quicker than ever to leave a brand after just a single bad experience.  So how do we move beyond loyalty programs and create customer life-time value?


  1. Listening to customer demands & feedback
  2. Implementing an effective feedback loop that
  3. Drives refinement of the customer journey,
  4. To optimizing digital experiences – often a point of friction for the modern customer.
  5. Removing points of friction to create effortless experiences–meet consumer demands for convenient experiences
  6. Demand for digital experiences has sky-rocketed, with more consumers utilizing digital channels out of convenience & necessity  – seamless experiences.

Don’t forget AMAZON’s – SHOP & SHIP v  SHOP  & SHIP is an example of an Effortless Experience.

AS FB CRASHED on Mon, Joe Pulici reminded us:

Do not build your content house on rented land.

BTW Where did Facebook inform people about its network problems if it couldn’t post on its own site? It went where millions of others did during the great Facebook outage of 2021: Twitter.

Twitter took the opportunity then to cheekily send this tweet: HELLO LITERALLY EVERYONE!


Children are being put at risk by leading apps, research finds 5 rights charity TikTok, Twitter, Snap and Instagram, are putting children in danger online and breaching the UK’s new Children’s Code. The children’s digital rights charity, which is chaired by Baroness Beeban Kidron, the member of the House of Lords who proposed the code, submitted its research to the Information Commissioner’s Office today  The FA, kids’ online safety, Yorkshire Building Society: Everything that matters this morning (

Opportunities Snap Chat, TikTok – CREATOR MARKETPLACES, 

For Creators —
Creator Hub: 
For Businesses —
For Business :
Business Help Center: 
For Businesses —
Business Homepage:
Small Business Resource Center
For inspiration and ideas —
Creative Center:
For Creators —
TikTok Creator Portal:


See you next week.


60 Second Summary:  1 Oct 2021 clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

60 Second Summary
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[ ] Mike Berry  Digital Marketing Fundamentals

– from strategy to ROI , 2nd ed. by Marjolein, Berend Sikkenga and Mike Berry.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
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Click to  Get the book   

Mike summarised some key points from the book in 10 mins

  1. Digital Branding – build and sustain your brand through digital channels – this is all about awareness and saliency (like TV, print and billboards) and should be measured like ATL has always been
  2. Customer acquisition through owned and earned channels – OK you’re not paying for media but marketers should create a ‘budget for resources’ (internal or external)
  3. Customer acquisition through paid channels – seek a win-win (eg. with Google or Facebook). Like the casino owner, they want you to make money (sometimes) and come back for more
  4. CRM – Think CLV – many brand owners are wasting resources servicing low-value customers – instead focus ruthlessly on the best (secondary priority: high potentialcustomers).


[ ] Marketing Observations – Reggie Johnson – Tiktok – creator marketplace

check out these websites Click:   Creator Marketplace       &

[ ] China Promoting Home-Grown Goods – Peter Hurst 

China, in Paul’s opinion, is leading the world of AI and now become very good at branding and marketing too. Should Europe, USA and others do the same (promote home grown) or would this have a terrible impact on world trade (v environmental issues)?

[ ] FB  again – Matt Bailey  on Linkedin 

Matt Bailey’s post says: The company whose own research showed that they were harmful to kids and teens decides to “pause” and “listen” to parents before launching IG for Kids?

Rather than make FB or IG better, #Facebook decided that a PR campaign was in order, and will now feature stories in the newsfeed about how good they are. Seriously.

Yet this toxic company continues to be funded by billions of dollars of advertising revenue. But we have to get those impressions, don’t we? If you don’t like what Facebook is doing, then re-evaluate your ad spend.

Paul: Is this a bit hard on FB or is it worth discussing more?

[ ] QUIZ

Bat & Ball cost £1.10 . The bat costs £1 more than the ball. How much was the ball?

[ ] MUSIC from Chris McCann’s Music Paths 

‘On The Rocks’ by Christopher McCann .  Click here for more information


See you next Friday  – please pass this link along. 




60 Second Summary 24 Sep 2021 clubhouse Chat

Marketing Innovations & Developments & Ethical& Other Trends/Issues + SOSTAC® Q&A

Here, in 60 seconds, you can skim what we covered in today’s 30 minute #SOSTAC ® Plans club (in the clubhouse app) including any links to content that we mentioned. Many thanks to Kelvin Golding and Peter Hurst for moderating with me.

MUSIC Poppy Sound & Piano GENTLE    Flimsy Grass  by KOOSKOOS by M Paths  HEY HEY AH! by KOOSKOOS   Keyboard pop

TikTok Creative Markets This is the awesomely creative TikTok ad for the film Dolittle by video magic TikTok influencer Zach King (35 million followers). The TikTok video got 3 million likes and 7,600 comments: 

Zambian President Brings Economic Hope –  Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia, addresses the general debate of the 76th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 21-27September 2021) 🇿🇲 Zambia – President Addresses United Nations General Debate, 76th Session (English) | #UNGA – YouTube


Evergrande, one of China’s largest property companies with debts of about $300bn, warned that it may default on its debt. A default may severely test the Chinese financial system absent government intervention (Leyman Brothers)

The chip famine has led to a global shortage of cars. Toyota, the world’s largest producer, has scaled back global production by 40% due to chip shortages.


And finally… a survey by staffing firm ManpowerGroup found that employers are having such a difficult time filling roles that in addition to increased pay and benefits, some 9% of employers worldwide are eliminating drug screenings or tests in a bid to fill vacancies – high employment

Ian Stewart, Chief Economist, Deloitte LLP  & Reuters Timeline: China Evergrande’s snowballing debt crisis

Broadway Towers (castle)
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Broadway Towers



17 Sep 2021 60 Second Summary 

Stakeholder Capitalism/Stakeholder Marketing 

Triple Bottom Line: People Planet Profit (John Elkington 1993)

Amazon Minimalist UK Tax Payments as listed in #AgeOfHuman Linkedin Group

Achieving Sustainable Business with Philip Kotler

Stakeholder Capitalism - the evolutionary steps
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Influencer Marketing 

Deciphering #ad: What should influencer marketing best practice be in 2021 

Influencer marketing under the spotlight thanks to new ISBA Code of Influencer Conduct

Creator Markets

Now appearing in the tech sector ecosystems (where app developers offer their apps to the rest of the tech sector), arts: videos (Marketers can find Tiktok creators and their ‘clips’)  and arts: painting/graphics/video/animation  in the crazy world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) – see my post NFTs for Dummies like Me.

Boots launches marketing agency to supercharge brand partners’ campaigns


Luis Tamani Peruvian smoker smoking pipe
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Luis Tamani’s La Medicina Vive en Mí / Medicine Lives in Me – is a moving piece of art as the animation can play in a smart frame hanging on the wall –see my post     


TOPPP SEED  Target Markets + Objectives + Positioning + Partnerships + Processes + Sequence/Stages + Engagement + Experience (CX) + Data – all explained in the #SOSTAC ® Guide to your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan 2021 book.

Join us next week for another 30-minute sprint through cutting edge marketing observations + SOSTAC(r) Planning Q&A: Fri 24 Sep 3.30pm – 4.00pm 

Write Better Plans 

SOSTAC(r) Club Name on Ealing Studios
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