Assuming you are clear about what objectives you are you are trying to achieve, I’m going to  show you my Tactical Matrix which is designed to trigger some discussion about which tactical tool/s is/are best for you. Firstly we look at how good each tactic is at moving your prospects/customers through various stages of the Lifetime Buying Process:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Post Purchase Relationship Building
  • Post Purchase Repeat Sales

The need for segmenting your customers or prospects by stage of the buying process emerges again.  Now, depending on what stage of the buying cycle you are trying to move your prospects/customers through, you can consider how good each tactic is across these 9 criteria:

  1. Reach (how big an audience can reach?)
  2. Speed (how quickly can it reach that audience?)
  3. Time (how long to create &deliver this tactic?)
  4. Message Volume (space to fit message in?)
  5. Targeting (how granular or precise can the targeting be?)
  6. Personalisation (can the tool personalise messages?)
  7. Cost – is it expensive on a Cost Per Thous&(CPT/CPM) basis?
  8. Control – can you control the message with this tactic?
  9. Credibility – some tactics have more credibility

The last 3 criteria (cost, control & credibility) are sometimes used initially when choosing which tactical tool. We know that some tools give you more control over your message (advertising as opposed to PR or even social media),  while some tools cost a lot more (direct mail v advertising) in cost per thousand (CPT/CPM) reached. NB they compare a bit better when looking at cost per eventual conversion & some tools have more credibility e.g. PR, or editorial, has arguably three times more credibility than a message in an advertisement in the UK while reviews on social media platforms have, for many, the most credibility.


So this Tactical Matrix tries to encapsulate all of this – the 10 comms tools, the 5 stages  of the buying process & the 9 criteria to help you to choose which tactical tool is best for your plan. It was developed with the assistance of Mohamad Sameh, marketing  manager of IT Vision in Cairo.   I apologise that this is probably difficult to read here in this ebook but you can download it here from my PRSmith Marketing Blog.  It is something of work in progress so I welcome any comments.

Thanks to Mohamed Sameh from ITV Agency, Cairo, for his help in developing this matrix.

Message Volume means size of message or how much space is available.

This Tactics Matrix is designed to stimulate discussion about which tactical tool  (or suite of tools) is best in helping you to achieve your objectives.

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