So now you know ‘How Integrated Content Marketing Creates Competitive Advantage‘ but is it working? After going through the steps to generate integrated content, how do  you know if it is working? How effective is your content marketing?  Steve Farnsworth of the Steveology group interviews Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO with GinzaMetric.  We first showed this interview with permission of Steve and Erin in the hybrid eBook ‘SOSTAC(r) Guide To Write Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan‘ .

It’s a fascinating video. Watch Erin and Steve discuss

  • Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness In Achieving Goals
  • Creating The Perfect Content Marketing Dashboard
  • Creating A Powerful Content Marketing Framework
  • Social Media Hacks for Content Marketing

Some say content marketing is simply what marketers have always been doing – giving away sales promotions, prizes and gifts. Perhaps content marketing is therefore a sales promotion/gift that can be ‘won’ or acquired just by qualifying (clicking a button or filling in a form etc.).  Or perhaps, you’ll agree there’s a bit more to it than that (as per Erin and Steve’s intriguing discussion)? Do you agree or disagree? Either way, content marketing is definitely one of the hottest issues for marketers, particularly B2B marketers.

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