Marketing Insights (from my blog)

AI Driven TV News Presenter

TV presenters world-wide are looking at each other and thinking either 'that's not very stiff' or 'am I next?'. China’s Xinhua state news agency has just introduced its very own news-bot for presenting on TV.  Called an Ai anchor, it will report 'tirelessly' all day,...

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60 Second Thoughts

I hope you like these 60" Thoughts. Here's our first two. They are designed to inspire you and your team. Pass them on if you like them.     Visit  - if you like this, please pass it on / share it.

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GDPR Tactics Action & Control (Part 3)

At last, here are the checklists - what you got to do to ensure you are GDPR compliant. Part 3 now explores GDPR Tactics (the details of Strategy Part 2) and the Actions (including checklists you can use) and finally, Control - what you need to check to ensure your...

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